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If there are aspects of your life that need to change, psychotherapy can help support you and reaching out is a brave first step.  


It is advisable if you haven’t experienced therapy previously, to meet more than one therapist for an initial session because finding a therapist you feel comfortable with is so important.  Allowing yourself choice is empowering. 


You very much deserve to find the right therapist ensuring you feel safe to start your courageous journey of reflection, whatever this might mean for you as an individual.  It is a privilege to share this journey.




my approach

I am motivated towards deepening my understanding of my client's experience to work with the ‘unspoken’ to both develop and deepen self-awareness.  I help clients find their voice and together, explore ways to live life more fully.  I am trained in multiple therapeutic modalities to support an individual.


"Working with Emma has been a transformative process for me. From the very start, her compassion and understanding made me feel seen and supported, and over time she has guided me from a very sad place to a place where I feel more empowered in the present and hopeful about the future. She has a gift for combining her expertise and genuine care to illuminate an issue in a way that is relatable and personalised to me. This has really helped me to understand myself and my challenges better. I always look forward to my time with her.”

-Client Testimonial-



Please contact me if you have any questions about how I work or what to expect from a therapeutic relationship.

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